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Control schemes

Treteknisk is involved in a number of control schemes in the timber industry. The various control schemes have established a very constructive communication between research, manufacturer and consumer.


Treteknisk offers

Secretarial services for:

  • Norwegian Strength Grading Inspection Scheme (Norsk Trelastkontroll)
  • Norwegian Quality Control Scheme for Log Houses (Kvalitetskontrollen Norsk Laft)
  • Norwegian Control Scheme for Preservative Treated Wood (Norsk Impregneringskontroll)
  • Norwegian Glulam Control: Glued, end-jointed materials for load bearing constructions (Fingerskjøtkontrollen)
  • Norwegian Control Scheme for Laminated Blanks (Norsk Emnekontroll)
  • The Timber Industry’s Fire Control (Treindustriens Brannkontroll)


In addition, Treteknisk performs inspections according to:

  • SINTEF Certification – Technical approval