Testing of materials

Testing of materials

A large part of our tasks includes analysis and testing in our laboratories as well as quality control at companies. Testing of materials and products is performed not only on sawn timber and wood based constructions, but also on adhesives, connecters, nail plates, preservatives, surface treatment, etc. By agreement, most of the commissioned reports are confidential

The laboratories for mechanical and chemical testing are approved by Norwegian Accreditation. In addition, we have laboratories for drying technology, adhesives and gluing, surface treatment and wood anatomy (micro laboratory).

Treteknisk offers

Accredited laboratories and testing regarding:

  • Adhesives
  • Chemical analysis
  • Determination of wood species
  • Floors (solid wood flooring and parquet)
  • Mechanical fasteners
  • The mechanical properties of wood
  • Measurement of flue-gas
  • Moisture content and indoor climate in the building process
  • Monitoring of timber structures
  • The physical properties of wood
  • Pressure impregnation
  • Surface treatment
  • Wood based products