Perception of wood


Report 88 - Building materials and wellbeing in indoor environments
Authors: Kristian Bysheim, Anders Q. Nyrud and Kristen Strobel

Report 87 - Innovative wood building materials
Authors: Anders Q. Nyrud, Ulrich Hundhausen, Ulrike Heinemann, Gry Alfredsen, Lone R. Gobakken and Geir I. Vestøl

Report 80 - Correlation between building materials and the perception of indoor environment
Authors: Anders Q. Nyrud, Christoffer Aas Clementz, Ylva Steiner, Kristian Bysheim and Julie Heiberg Arnseth


Architect’s perceptions of structural timber in urban construction
Authors: Kristian Bysheim and  Anders Q. Nyrud

Consumer preferences for wood surfaces – a latent variable approach
Authors: Jon Bingen Sande and Anders Q. Nyrud

Evaluating customer preference for wooden deck materials with age effects
Authors: Anders Q. Nyrud og Olav Høibø

Market-based: Focus on customer preferences
Author: Anders Q. Nyrud