Production of sawn timber


Report 90 - Economy and environmental aspects of alternative use of wood ash
Authors: Lars G. F. Tellnes and Henning Horn

Report 89 - Innovative utilization of ash from wood for value creation and sustainable forestry
Authors: Henning Horn, Lars G. F. Tellnes, Eva Brod, Nicholas Clarke, Janka Dibdiakova, Kjersti Holt Hanssen, Trond Knapp Haraldsen, Trond Karlsen and Kai Toven

Report 72 - Energy efficiency in the timber industry
Author: Henning Horn

Report 66 - Wood chips – geometry: - an activity in the SSFF project 
Author: Knut Finstad

Report 64 - Sawyer - planning tool for the sawing process
Author: Håkon Toverød

Report 56 - Raw material for solid wood elements: activity under the SSFF-project
Authors: Olav Mjåland, Vegard Kilde, Geir Glasø and Jarle Aarstad

Report 55 - Improvement of planing quality through modification of planing tools
Author: Sindre Holøyen

Report 53 - Sawn timber quality from Sandeskur
Author: Audun Øvrum

Report 52 - Literature survey in the SSFF-project: Norwegian timber as raw material – Added value and industrial possibilities
Authors: Terje Birkeland et al.

Report 49 - The importance of wood properties concerning quality of drying and planing
Authors: Knut Magnar Sandland, Peder Gjerdrum and Bjarne Hamar

Report 48 - Feeding accuracy into sawing machines
Author: Audun Øvrum

Report 46 - Sideboards – quality and sawing yield
Author: Sverre Tronstad

Report 44 - Yield from machine strength grading of structural timber in Norway
Author: Håkon Helgerud Myhra

Report 43 - Small-scale sawmills in Norway
Authors: Terje Apneseth, Ole Helge Aalstad and Lars Kleppe

Report 41 - Waste water from timber sprinkling
Authors: Håkon Helgerud Myhra and Elin Gjengedal

Report 40 - Climate controlled sprinkling of timber
Author: Håkon Helgerud Myhra

Report 31 - Increased economic recovery in sawmills
Authors: Andreas Garnæs, Sindre Holøyen and Håkon Toverød

Report 30 - Quality improvement program based on poor quality cost measurements
Author: Rune Moen


Grade yield in sawn timber of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) - modeling the effect of timber lenght, forest, tree and log variables
Author: Audun Øvrum