Wood and the environment


Report 90 - Economy and environmental aspects of alternative use of wood ash
Authors: Lars G. F. Tellnes and Henning Horn

Report 89 - Innovative utilization of ash from wood for value creation and sustainable forestry
Auhors: Henning Horn, Lars G. F. Tellnes, Eva Brod, Nicholas Clarke, Janka Dibdiakova, Kjersti Holt Hanssen, Trond Knapp Haraldsen, Trond Karlsen and Kai Toven

Report 74 - Environmentally friendly surface treatment of pine heartwood and spruce used as cladding 
Author: Bjørn Jacobsen

Report 41 - Waste water from timber sprinkling
Authors: Håkon Helgerud Myhra and Elin Gjengedal

Report 27 - Environmental arguments for Nordic wood and wood products
Author: Tore Opdal


Copper distribution in soil leached from full scale decking boards during one year
Author: Fred G. Evans

Communicating the Environmental Performance of Wood Products
Working Papers of the Finnish Forest Research Institute 230, 2012
Authors: Tarmo Räty, Daniel Lindqvist, Tuula Nuutinen, Anders Q. Nyrud, Sini Perttula, Maria Riala, Anders Roos, Lars G. F. Tellnes, Anne Toppinen and Lei Wang

Embodied Energy and Carbon Footprint of Norwegian Roundwood
Authors: Per Otto Flæte, Gry Alfredsen, Kristian Bysheim, Øyvind Eriksen, Anders Q. Nyrud and Birger Vennesland 

Leaching of the copper component from full scale decking boards during one summer season
Author: Fred G. Evans

Norwegian forest products industry - impact on climate and value added
Author: Per Otto Flæte