Wood properties


Report 70 - Sitka spruce as structural timber
Authors: Kjell Helge Solli, Olav Mjåland, Knut Magnar Sandland and Kjell Vadla

Report 69 - Sitka spruce as external cladding – adhesion test
Authors: Jan Bramming, Bjørn Jacobsen

Report 68 - Sitka spruce as external cladding – field tests
Authors: Jan Bramming and Bjørn Jacobsen

Report 67 - Birch in visible constructions
Authors: Vegard Kilde, Kjell Helge Solli, Birte Pitzner, Per Lind and Jan Bramming

Report 66 - Wood chips – geometry: - an activity in the SSFF project
Author: Knut Finstad

Report 65 - Physical and mechanical properties in Norwegian spruce and pine: an activity in the SSFF project
Author: Jan Bramming

Report 63 - Sitka spruce as external cladding - production test
Authors: Jan Bramming and Olav Mjåland

Report 61 - Testing of timber at -170 °C. Results from bending-, shear- and compression tests
Author: Kjell Helge Solli

Report 60 - Gluing of Norway spruce and Scots pine with an EPI-adhesive
Authors: Birte Pitzner and Per Lind

Report 49 - The importance of wood properties concerning quality of drying and planing
Authors:  Knut Magnar Sandland, Peder Gjerdrum and Bjarne Hamar

Report 47 - Description and initial test of 8 principles for in-kiln measuring and end-point control of wood moisture content
Authors: Sjur Fløtaker and Sverre Tronstad


Prediction models for density in stems of Picea abies (L.) karst. and Pinus sylvestris L. in southern Norway
Authors: Ulrich Hundhausen and Olav A. Høibø