Wooden constructions and building elements


Report 86 - Design of timber structures: Compression perpendicular to the grain, a recommendation
Authors: Sigurd Eide, Geir Glasø and Erik Aasheim

Report 85 - Cross Laminated Timber absorbent - product development, shear capacity and experience from the library of Hadeland high school
Authors: Kristine Nore, Jan Arne Austnes, Geir Glasø and Jarle Aarstad

Report 67 - Birch in visible constructions
Authors: Vegard Kilde, Kjell Helge Solli, Birte Pitzner, Per Lind and Jan Bramming

Report 45 - Prefab units of solid wood
Author: Tor Kristensen

Report 54 - Delamination performed on glulam according to prEN 391-method B, January 2001, final draft
Authors: Martin Kemmsies and Per Lind

Report 77 - ENTRÉ - Energy efficient timber structures - Part 1
Authors: Christoffer Aas Clementz, Geir Glasø and Audun Øvrum

Report 84 - ENTRÉ - Energy efficient timber structures - Part 2
Authors: Christoffer Aas Clementz, Kristine Nore, Ylva Steiner, Geir Glasø, Sigurd Eide, Kristian Bysheim and Jørn T. Brunsell

Report 60 - Gluing of Norway spruce and Scots pine with an EPI-adhesive
Authors: Birte Pitzner and Per Lind

Report 76 - Climate testing of solid wood elements
Authors: Karl Harper and Knut Magnar Sandland

Report 81 - Junction connections in multi-storey timber buildings
Author: Jarle Aarstad

Report 28 - Long-term durability of structural adhesives for wood
Author: Eirik Raknes

Report 51 - Parking house in wood

Report 56 - Raw material for solid wood elements: activity under the SSFF-project
Authors: Olav Mjåland, Vegard Kilde, Geir Glasø and Jarle Aarstad

Report 70 - Sitka spruce as structural timber
Authors: Kjell Helge Solli, Olav Mjåland, Knut Magnar Sandland and Kjell Vadla

Report 75 -  Drying of timber for use in log buildings
Authors: Knut Finstad and Knut Magnar Sandland


Air leakages through cross laminated timber (CLT) constructions
Paper for the 9th Nordic Symposium on Building Physics, 2011
Authors: Hans Boye Skogstad, Lars Gullbrekken and Kristine Nore

Architect’s perceptions of structural timber in urban construction
Authors: Kristian Bysheim and  Anders Q. Nyrud

Effect of kerfing on crack formation in Scots Pine log house timber
Authors: Flæte, P.O. and Larnøy, E.

Market-based: Focus on customer preferences
Author: Anders Q. Nyrud

Wood in urban building construction: A survey of Norwegian architects' and engineers' attributes
Pages 119 - 124
Authors: Kristian Bysheim and Anders Q. Nyrud