CE marking of light composite wood based beams ETAG 011

CE marking of light composite wood-based beams

CE marking of light composite wood-based beams is based on the European Technical Approval (ETA) for specific building products. An ETA is issued based on European Technical Approval Guidelines (ETAG).

ETAG-011 and the product’s ETA states that in order to CE mark light composite wood-based beams, conformity with system 1 must be documented. This means that a notified body must issue a product certificate for the company’s light composite wood-based beams. In Norway SINTEF Building and Infrastructure is national approval authority and can issue an ETA. Treteknisk is notified body and can issue product certificates.

Requirements for certification

Before a certificate can be issued, a notified body must perform initial type testing and assess the factory production control. Based on this inspection, a certificate can be issued.

Continuous surveillance is performed minimum twice a year. The inspection includes evaluation of quality documentation, evaluation of production control and test results, registration of deviations and measures taken at deviations. If a company does not correct the deviations in a satisfactory manner, the certificate may be revoked.