CE marking of solid wood panelling and cladding NS-EN 14915

CE marking of solid wood panelling and cladding

CE marking of solid wood panelling and cladding is based on the harmonised standard NS-EN 14915 “Solid wood panelling and cladding - Characteristics, evaluation of conformity and marking” Requirements for CE marking

Requirements for certification

NS-EN 14915 states that in order to CE mark solid wood panelling and cladding, conformity with system 4 must be documented. This entails no certification, but the company has to establish an internal production control system and perform an initial type testing.

Treteknisk can assist in making the conformity declaration, perform initial type testing and help with preparing the quality handbook.


In order to CE mark solid wood panelling and cladding, only a declaration of certain characteristics from the manufacturers themselves are needed. The company does not need to be certified. The CE marking does not need to be placed on individual items, only on accompanying documentation. Along with the CE mark, a number of characteristics shall be listed. Most are found in NS-EN 14915. Characteristics that may be declared are:

  • Reaction to fire. Found in Table 1 in NS-EN 14915. Determined by minimum density and thickness
  • Release of formaldehyde. Found in NS-EN 14915. Providing formaldehyde is used in the product. Testing is needed.
  • Pentachlorophenol (PCP) content. If pentachlorophenol is not used in the product, declaration of value is not needed.
  • Water vapour resistance. Found in Table 2 in NS-EN 14915. Determined by density.
  • Sound absorption. Found in Table 3 in NS-EN 14915.
  • Thermal conductivity. Found in Table 4 in NS-EN 14915. Determined by density.
  • Biological durability. Found in NS-EN 350-2 for selected wood species of importance in Europe.

An internal control is needed in order to ensure that the declared characteristics conforms with the CE marking. In effect, this means that the density of the products are documented by continuously taking out density samples. A statement of conformity also has to be made, where the manufacturer declares that the product complies with the requirements of the harmonised standard and the CE marking.

Customers shall be able to obtain this information on request, so placing this on the company’s webpage is sufficient. If a characteristic is not declared due to no relevance or no requirement, NDP can be entered, No Performance Determined.

The CE marking can stand on its own, as to not confuse it with other information that does not concern the CE marking. It is thus often placed on the packing label.

Solid wood with fire retardant treatment

If a producer improve the characteristics for reaction to fire by fire-retardant paint or impregnation, the system for CE marking of the product is changed from system 4 to system 1. Then a product certificate (CE-certificate of constancy of performance) is mandatory.

Treteknisk is Notified Body for CE-certification in system 1 under EN 14915.