Norwegian Institute of Wood Technology (Treteknisk) is a private research association for the sawmills and the timber industry in Norway. Our 128 member companies represent sawmilling, woodworking, glulam, roof truss and timber frame industry, as well as related industry.

The Institute has 32 employees. Our main tasks are research and development projects, quality control, quality documentation, laboratory tests and diffusion of knowledge from R&D work for the Norwegian timber industry.

Vision statement

Treteknisk shall be the preferred R&D and knowledge partner for the Norwegian timber based industry and other companies in the wood value chain.

Business idea

The Institute shall contribute to profitability of the member companies by using updated knowledge about wood, its properties, processing methods and usage. The means to succeed in this are R&D objectives, distribution of knowledge, consulting and quality documentation.

Quality documentation and certification

Testing laboratory and inspection body Treteknisk plays an important role as a testing laboratory, as well as a certification and inspection body. The demand for these kinds of services are increasing, due to authorities’ requirements for documentation, and the market demand for documented product properties. The Institute has invested in competence, laboratory quipment, a comprehensive quality system and the formal status to be an internationally recognized testing and inspection body for the wood industry.

Since 1994, the laboratories have been accredited for both mechanical and chemical testing according to EN ISO/IEC 7025, and from 2015 accredited according to EN ISO/IEC. The Institute is appointed by the Ministry of Trade and Industry as notified body for attestation of conformity with the Construction Products Regulation (CPR). This applies to structural timber products and wood based panels. This means that the institute can perform testing, inspection and certification as basis for CE marking of building products.


Treteknisk has for several years worked with product certification, for JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standardisation) and CE marking. During the autumn Treteknisk was appointed as a notified body for PEFC certification.


PEFC documents that a product originates from sertified wood, verified by a third body. Both EUTR (EU’s timber regulation) and BREEAMNOR requires such certifications.

Japan – JAS-certification

The Institute has gained a leading position in Europe concerning JAS-sertification of glulam. 19 glulam companies, 2 sawmills and 1 CLT company have now their JAS-certification through Treteknisk. The volume of glulam exported to Japan from companies certified through Treteknisk amounted to 644 000 m³ in 2016.