Please find enclosed an overview of our publications and articles here. Some are in English, others have an English summary. The publications are sorted by the Norwegian title, and available for download or sent upon a request by mail to firmapost@treteknisk.no. An English overview is enclosed below.


Annual Report 2019 Directors' Report
Annual Report 2018 Directors' Report
Annual Report 2017 Directors' Report
Annual Report 2016 Directors' Report
Annual Report 2015, Directors' Report
Annual Report 2014, Directors' Report
Annual Report 2013, Directors' Report


Bioenergy - Energy economising

  • Includes Bioenergy, Energy products, Energy economising in sawmills

Drying of wood

  • Includes Energy economising, Drying methods, Drying quality, Deformations

Perception of wood

  •  Includes Consumer preferences, Perception of wood

Production of sawn timber

  • Includes Production sites, Timber sprinkling, Planing quality, Grade yield, Sawn timber, Sawing, EHS, Energy economising

Sorting and Quality 

  • Includes Strength grading, Grading rules, Quality of sawn timber

Wood and the environment

Wood properties

Wood protection and Durability

  • Includes Surface treatment, Surface qualities

Wooden constructions and Building elements

  • Includes Construction elements, Wooden constructions, Finger joints, Glulam, Log building 

Wooden products

  • Includes Glulam, Solid wood, Energy products, Wooden floors (solid floors and parquet), Cladding, Windows, Wooden brigdes, Wooden houses